Our Team

Kate Yeo, Founder
Hi! I’m Kate, a 19-year-old advocate passionate about people and the planet. I’m working towards a Singapore where BYO becomes the norm. Beyond BYOB, I also co-founded youth-led NGO Re-Earth Initiative, and am a youth member of the UN Environment Programme. Always open to making new friends in the green community, so please reach out anytime!


Baek Youngok (Olivia)
I am a student exploring ways to heal the Earth! I’m worried about the future of this planet, but I’m heartened by the efforts of people everywhere dedicated to the environmental cause. At times the future seems scary and certainly devastating, but I remain hopeful and determined to do my part.

Lee Jia Yi
I’ve been pretty much passive about the environment my whole life despite knowing some facts. And there’s probably a bigger group of people like me out there. But it’s always a time to start. And it’s always time to try harder to not let the future me diss the present me.

Penny Lim
Friends know me to be a complete tree hugger who is easily fascinated and amazed by the wonders of nature. I would love for the everyone to have the opportunity to explore & enjoy the beauty of nature. And BYOB is one great avenue for me to contribute in building a more sustainable future alongside passionate individuals!

Tabassum Sheriff
Hi everyone! Just a little about me: I enjoy doing anything that helps other people in general. I joined BYOB so that I can play a part in minimising environmental waste. Besides that, my hobbies are reading, baking and of course watching Netflix!

Kayla Tan
Passionate about sustainability and vegan for the planet! I believe that everyone can adopt better habits for a sustainable future, and that belief led me to BYOB. Avid rock climber, pole dancer and diving enthusiast. When I’m not scrambling up walls or poles, I’m usually found with coffee (diehard fan here) and a good book. Hopelessly addicted to peanut butter – I cannot get through a day without it!

Isabelle Koh
Armed with a media communications, marketing and creative writing background, my personal growth plan stems from taking little green steps, so we can come out of this making and experiencing life-changing impact for our only-one blue planet. In between fighting internal battles to desist from food deliveries and unnecessary packaging, I hope to play a part in figuring out and working towards variations of the new normal in systemic change, locally and regionally.

Xiao Jiaxin
I am currently a year one student at NTU. I joined BYOB because I wanted to contribute in making a change in what I believe in – reducing the consumption of plastic products and reducing waste generated. I’ve been a vegan for about 4 years now and been sharing my vegan adventure through instagram under the handle “wildvegann” . I love baking and veganizing recipes 🙂

Hello! I’m Preeti and I’m 23. I’m passionate about sustainability and have individually managed to reduce and stop using certain single use items. I believe that zero waste practices are a lifestyle and I’m concerned about Singaporeans’ attitudes towards waste and the use of single-use items. I’m keen to make a change and make zero waste practices the norm. I hope we’ll be able to make a difference to change the general society’s attitudes about this pressing issue.

Quentin Tiang
I’m Quentin, a Greenfluencer looking to be a catalyst for positive change in the environmental & climate space by spreading awareness & taking action. Actively involved in Quadrant Thoughts, EqoCirqle & Green Lobang, joining BYOB is a natural extension of what I was doing. Naturally empathetic, shy & peace-loving, I believe in balance in all that we do. Being a geek, I love Star Wars, Marvel, reading, listening to music, watching movies & playing computer games.

Wang Yanxiang
I am just a student who’s passionate about the environment and would like to do something for it! I am always open to learning (& unlearning!) and I really hope to make a difference by advocating for what I believe in. Personally, I have also adopted a more sustainable lifestyle and participated in some green movements. I decided to join BYOB as it’s a great opportunity to gain new insight and also to help expand this project so that it can reach a wider audience and incite a greater change in Singapore!

Kiat Xuan
My name is Kiat Xuan and I am a passionate person who believes in the importance of saving the environment in our own ways through our daily lives. Without a clean and sustainable environment we won’t be able to enjoy what we have been living with for decades. So I hope to be part of this movement to raise awareness to play a part in making the world a more sustainable place for us and the future generations. Fun fact: I am a pentathlete and recently graduated with a sport and exercise degree.

Marilyn Rachael
I believe that change is only feasible when we first start by taking small steps and I hope to inspire others to come onboard our journey towards sustainability. I have a soft spot for animals and nature, which plays a big role in my purpose here – to take up every opportunity that allows me to help with our environment! As for some extra information about myself, I love books, poetry, art, anime and just about everything in between 🙂

Farah Begum Shah
I am a mother of 1, a full time employee and a final year social sciences student. I used to be an active volunteer for regular recycling drives and I joined BYOB because it’s such a meaningful initiative that shows everyone has a right to play their part.

Tay Jia Ying
I am Jia Ying and in my free time, I like exploring new places and enjoying scenery. I joined BYOB as I wanted to do more for the environment, and hope to use this platform to inspire others to take small steps towards leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Our daily actions have an impact on the world around us, but we have the freedom to make a conscious decision on what impact we want to make!

Hui Jie
I’m a green-warrior-wanna-be who teared a little when I read the quote by Mr Robert Swan – “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” It isn’t easy but trust me, it isn’t that hard too! Let’s do this 💪🏼

Lim Yu Lin
Hi! I’m Yu Lin and I joined BYOB because I believe that encouraging consumers to adopt more sustainable lifestyle habits would really make a big difference for the environment. I hope that in the future, reusables will become the norm and it will be a rare sight to see a disposable takeout box! I’m currently trying to turn vegetarian, and my hobbies include karaoke and exploring new places/countries!

Social Media

Marianne Tan
Hi! I’m Marianne and I’m obsessed with nature. I may have grown up in Singapore but I’m a countryside girl at heart. When I’m not working, you’ll find me out in the ocean or hiking/camping somewhere. I believe we can do so much more for our environment and I hope to encourage more people to get involved too!

Adrina Hoi
Hello! I’m Adrina and I am a conscious living advocate. I started my conscious living journey in 2019 after witnessing multiple needless consumption of material goods from working in the PR and marketing industry. Since then, I have been making continuous efforts to educate myself on this topic, and involve myself in any sustainability initiative, such as BYOB, in my limited capacity.

Jia Ning
I’m a Secondary 2 student, and I joined because I love volunteering my time and effort, to help others. I love to read and am obsessed with Kpop Boyband BTS. I also do volunteering works with Autism Resource Centre, which has a section on supporting and saving the environment as well, and for other causes I’m passionate about.

Cherie Hoe
I’m a hobbyist designer and food photographer who does occasional video editing. As a major in Mass Communication, I’ve got a strong passion for all things advocacy. I wanted to use my digital media skills for a greater purpose, thus I joined BYOB. I’m a firm believer in being kind to one another, and that meant treating our planet with kindness as well.

Pan Jiayao
I’m currently a student in secondary school, and I’m extremely passionate about the environment. I go mainly on a plant based diet and try to live a minimal waste lifestyle, but I wanted to do more. Hence, I joined BYOB! I also love art and design, and own a adorable bunny named Panda!

Nabilah Raisa
I have always been a strong advocate for sustainable living and reducing single use plastic so joining BYOB was a no brainer. When I am not working, I am obsessively buying indoor plants or binge watching Netflix

Nicole Na
Hey, I’m Nicole and I’m here because I’m really passionate about the environment! Becoming more environmentally conscious was simply a New Year’s resolution; however, I went on to develop a passion after educating myself on the different aspects of protecting our environment. I’m grateful for the many resources that have made it easier for people like me to start their journey! My goal here is to help BYOB expand to every corner islandwide, alongside this wonderful team. I also like to sing and play the guitar!

Nashita Farveen
Hello! I am Nashita. I am currently studying Mass Communications at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I am about passionate about current affairs and environmental issues and hope to give back to the society someday and hence that was a reason why i joined this initiative! I am a social butterfly and interacting with people from different walks of life. I love travelling and cafe-hopping and aspire to be a travel blogger someday!

Lin Lejia
Hi! I am Lejia, currently a Year 2 student in Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Computer Science. My hobby is dancing! I turned vegetarian for environmental reasons in 2016 and co-founded Project bECOme’s Bread Without Bags campaign in July 2019. Through BYOB, I hope to do my part to further raise environmental awareness in Singapore.


Jade Tan
Curious reader, full-time marketer, that uncoordinated friend. Enjoys sports and nature. Prudence has always been a theme in my family, and that’s probably where my inclination towards sustainability stems from. My approach is nothing extreme because being sustainable has to be sustainable for the individual, y’know? That’s why BYO Bottle is such a great initiativeit incentivises many people to take small steps towards a cleaner environment. No herculean effort needed.

Lee Wen-yi
I’m a final-year uni student in the UK, where I got to see students turn up in droves on the streets to protest climate change inaction. It’s really inspiring to see and join young people, this team included, to contribute to making a sustainable change. Individually, I love theatre, books, writing, graphic design, hiking in nature parks, and cats. I’ve also been vegetarian since 2015.

Wang Ri Zhao
I believe that protecting the environment is one of the most important issues in our times. Every small effort counts in building our seeds of consciousness, so that we can make a greater collective impact to slow down the damage to our Earth. My passions are writing software and designing user experiences. I also enjoy running and hanging out in nature.

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