Email Templates: Writing to Eateries

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I’m (name), an (age) year-old youth who’s extremely passionate about sustainability and reducing packaging waste. I’m writing to you today with a simple request: For (company) to allow BYO again. (**The request differs for each company! See more suggestions below.)

I absolutely love (product/company) and have been a regular customer for many years. However, I was really disappointed to find out that (company) has stopped allowing BYO. I have been consciously reducing my usage of disposables given the harmful environmental impacts, and really hope to be able to continue supporting (company) while doing my part for the environment.

OPTIONAL: While I understand the heightened hygiene concerns during this period, both the National Environment Agency and Singapore Food Agency have actively encouraged Singaporeans to use their own reusable containers. Infectious diseases expert Leong Hoe Nam has also stated that “The risk is extremely remote of COVID-19 spreading through reusable containers.”

I sincerely hope you can consider (resuming support for BYO again)! This would not only contribute to sustainability efforts, but help your company to reduce some packaging cost as well. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Best regards,

**Alternative suggestions: 
For (company) to…

  • Offer reusable crockery and cutlery for dine-in
  • Stop giving plastic straws automatically
  • Go lid-free

Questions you can ask:

  • Do you have a roadmap in place for eliminating plastics/disposables?

Other add-ons:

  • You could even consider pasting BYO Bottle SG’s stickers at your stall! They are a ground-up initiative striving to reduce the wastage of single-use plastics in Singapore. Thus far, over 200 drink stalls have joined their movement. You can get their campaign stickers free-of-charge here:
  • Consider working with brands like barePack and Muuse, which allow for waste-free take-away and deliveries! Other eateries such as Salad Stop and Pizza Express have successfully partnered with them in support of reusables.

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